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Ѕюро переводов
Our Notary Office renders services to the natural persons and the legal entities in notarial operations within the scope of legislation of Russian Federation.


The list of notarial operations, implemented by the notary:

  1. Certification of the agreements on:
    • Purchase and sale;
    • Barter;
    • Feofment;
    • Property leasing;
    • Rent, including the permanent alimony with maintenance;
    • Loan;
    • Mortgage;
    • Bail;
    • Marriage;
    • Other.
  2. Certification of the testaments;
  3. Certification of letters of attorney;
  4. Certification of the fact of detection of the citizen alive and the fact of detection of the citizen on the certain area;
  5. Certification of the identity of the citizen with the person, depicted on the photo;
  6. Certification of the time of submission of the documents;
  7. Certification of the agreement on payment of alimony.

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